ICB Wayland


$5,000 for College

(2 Scholarships Available)

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Applications due April 15, 2018

Starting College Fall 2018
Graduate from ICB Sunday School
Provided services to ICB (e.g., TA, Youth Group etc.)
Teacher recommendation and essay
Interest in continuing your learning of Islam or Arabic

Application (PDF) or Application (MS Word)

Recommendation Letter Guidelines (PDF)

Questions? principal@icbwayland.org

Past Recipients:
2010: Sidrah Baloch (Wellesley College) and Salman Hussain (McGill University)
2011: Sarah Ghabbour (Boston University) and Fay Khudairi (UMass Amherst)
2012: Sekinat Yusuf (Harvard University) and Nabeel Hussain (Boston University)
2013: Aliya Moreira (University of Chicago), Adam Syed (Boston University) and Asad Khimani (Brandeis University)
2014: Tanaz Abid (Brandeis University) and Shayan Zaheer (College of the Holy Cross)

2015: Temour Raza (Wentworth Institute of Technology) and Hasanat Toyin Yusuf (Northeastern University)
2016: Samir Ali Ahmad (Boston University) and Furqan Sayeed (New York University)
2017: Mona Baloch (Wellesley College) and Zaina Huseni (Elon University)