An Interfaith Remembrance
Like many communities in the USA, the ICB community was directly touched by the vicious and cowardly acts of terrorism that were perpetrated in New York and in our nation's capital on September 11, 2001. One of our former students Rahma Salie, her husband Michael Theodoridis and their unborn child were on Flight 11.

During this troubling time, the ICB community was bolstered by great support from the diverse interfaith community and our neighbors. We received several email messages, letters and flowers. We thank you all for your support.

ICB members collected donations, donated blood and provided other direct assistance to the victims' families. In addition, the center initiated several programs to educate our neighbors and the larger interfaith community about Islam.

On the first anniversary of September 11, the center organized an interfaith program to remember and reflect upon the tragic events that transpired on September 11th, 2001. The speakers included the leaders of faith and the civic leaders for peace and understanding. After the presentations, a seminar was presented by Dr. Mohamed Lazzouni on "Islam and Modernity: Are the Two Reconcilable?".

Interfaith Religious Leaders:

Civic Leaders for Peace & Understanding:

To each among you God has prescribed a law and an Open Way. If God had so willed, He would have made you a single people, but His plan is to test you in what He has given you. So strive, as in a race in all virtue. The goal of all of you is to God. It is He whol will show you the Truth of the matters in which you dispute. The Holy Quran, Chapter 5, Verse 48.

Brief supplication - read by Anwar Kazmi of ICB

Almighty God,

We have gathered here this evening to commemorate the unspeakable tragedy that befell our nation a year ago today. We are united by our deep and abiding faith in You, even if we call You by different names or pray to You in different languages.

You have taught us through the scriptures that when Your servants pray to You, You listen to them and respond to their prayers. Please listen to our prayers and please respond to them, O Lord, for in these turbulent times we are all in desperate need of Your help.

We pray to You for our brothers and sisters, more than three thousand of them, who left their homes a year ago today for what they hoped would be just another day at the office. Please keep them all forever in the shade of Your Loving Presence.

We pray to You for the thousands of our fellow citizens who suffered grievous injuries that fateful day, both physical and emotional. For the children deprived of the loving care of one or both parents; for the wives separated so tragically from their loving husbands and the husbands from their devoted wives; and for the parents and siblings of all those who were so abruptly removed from our midst by this tragedy. Give them comfort and strength to cope with their loss and fill the gaping void left in their lives with Your love as only You can fill. O Lord, You are the Provider, the Sustainer and the Cherisher of us all. Please provide for all those who lost their breadwinners as only You can provide.

We pray for our leaders on whose shoulders now falls the burden of bringing to justice the perpetrators of these horrible crimes. Grant them wisdom and foresight and guide them in their deliberations and actions. Help them pursue justice without inflicting suffering on innocents, and make our world a safer and more peaceful place for all your peoples.

We pray for ourselves. Help us defeat those who intended to harm us as a nation by becoming more united, respecting and caring for each other as fellow believers, fellow citizens and fellow human beings.

For the innumerable bounties You have bestowed on us, O Lord, we remain forever thankful and eternally grateful. Ameen

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