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Family Matters

Confidential Inquiries and Requests:
Welcome. Your inquiries to Mary Lahaj will be kept confidential and anonymous.

If youíre experiencing family conflict, grief, loneliness, unemployment or other loss, you may want to discuss this in confidence with someone you can trust, and perhaps someone of the same religious background who is better able to understand what you are experiencing. Having a confidential conversation with someone who is present to listen and be supportive could help you find a direction forward.

Mary is an experienced Muslim chaplain, sought after by many for her wisdom and compassion. Her domain is spiritual health and healing. She is trained to provide a safe space for the expression of grief, doubt, fear, or deep sorrow, without judgment and in complete confidentiality. To contact Mary, please email your inquiries:

Email your inquiries to: FM.confidential@icbwayland.org

Maryís training and brief biography:
Mary Lahaj is an American Muslim whose grandparents emigrated from Syria over 100 years ago and founded the oldest mosque in New England, the Islamic Center of New England (1964) in Quincy, MA. Her grandfather was the first Imam. After acquiring a masterís degree in Islamic Studies from the Hartford Seminary, she launched a 25-year career teaching religion and facilitating interfaith dialogues. A pioneer of the chaplaincy profession, Mary was the first Muslim to be accepted into the Chaplainís Residency Program at Brigham & Women's Hospital, and one of a few in the country who has completed four units of Clinical Pastoral Education for a graduate certificate. Among her accomplishments as a writer and speaker, she has published five articles on chaplaincy in peer-reviewed journals and magazines and lectured at Harvard Medical School and the Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA) ethics conference. Mary is a founding member of two professional chaplaincy organizations: the Association of Muslim Chaplains (AMC), and the Association of Campus Muslim Chaplains (ACMC). Mary was also the first Muslim Chaplain at Simmons College in Boston and at Groton school.