ICB Wayland

Facilities Rental Rates, Rules and Online Booking Form

ICB facilities including the prayer hall, social hall and kitchen are available for use subject to the rules, regulations and fees provided in Rental Policy and Agreement for ICB Facilities.pdf (click HERE to get Arobat Reader to read PDF)

The following rental fees apply to the booking by individuals:
Religious involving serving of meals $300 $500
Religious involving serving of snacks
and cold drinks (kitchen is not available)
$100 $200
Religious involving the Prayer Hall use only2
$50 Not available
Social or Educational involving serving of meals $500 $1,000
Social or Educational involving serving of snacks $400 $800
Children's3 involving serving of meals $200 $500
Children's3 involving serving of snacks
and cold drinks (kitchen is not available)
$100 $200

The following rental fees apply to Organizations:
Social or Cultural $500
Organizational Meeting

  1. ICB reserves the rights to change Fee.
  2. For members only.
  3. Event organized for an ICB Junior Member (under 18 child of a regular ICB member) or a current ICB Sunday School student.

Charges for setup, help during the event and post event cleaning:
All events involving serving of food or snack require professional help during the event. The number of people assigned to help depend on the type and size of the event and are given in the following table:
EVENT TYPE & SIZE Help Team Size Charges
Meal for 1-75 People 2 $350
Meal for 76-125 People 3 $450
Meal for 126-160 People 4 $550
Snacks for 1-75 People 2 $300
Snacks for 76-125 People 2 $300
Snacks for 126-160 People 3 $400

Rules and Regulations for the Use of ICB Facilities:
All use of the ICB must be in accordance with the mission of the ICB:
  1. to provide a focus of activities for Muslims living in the Greater Boston area, in order for them to organize the religious, educational, and social life of their community in light of the teaching and traditions of Islam, and
  2. to act as an Islamic information resource.
All events are subject to review by the President, Board of Directors, or a committee established by the Board to review such requests. The Board reserves the right to reject any request. These are general guidelines that may prove inadequate for all foreseeable events, and may therefore be subject to change on an as-needed basis by the Board of Directors.

The building is typically available for functions that do not conflict with normal activities of the center.

The including the definition of various event types and the rental agreement is given above.

Facilities Reservation:

First check ICB EVENT CALENDAR for availability.
and then visit the link below to reserve the center for your event at

Kindly contact facilities@icbwayland.org with comments and questions.